Superdry Vs Abercrombie – Comparing The Two Trendy Clothing Stores

Superdry and Abercrombie are two trendy clothing stores that for the most part cater to young urban fashion. Both also offer clothes for those who want more of a preppy look. The two stores are similar in a few ways, but there are also some differences.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch is sometimes better recognized by the initials A&F. They are an American seller of clothes that have made their primary focus casual wear. The age bracket they cater to is really young, but older people can also wear the clothes. The target demographic tends to be between the ages of 18-22 though. You will find no shortage of Abercrombie stores around the country and this is one of the reasons why the brand has become so popular.

There are little over 300 locations across the country and the store also does a large volume of business online. The store does not limit itself to just the United States though, they have been building physical presences internationally as well, because that is what they want the brand to be, international. The store has other brands that people might recognize. You have Abercrombie for kids. You have Hollister Co as well as Gilly Hicks. Then they also have a post collegiate brand known as Ruehl No.925, but they went out of business in the early part of 2010.

How expensive is Abercrombie?

You are going to find that the clothing Abercrombie offers are not cheap at all. In fact the store sells some pretty pricey clothing. The stores does have competition though that sells similar clothes for slightly less, but these do not offer the brand recognition. Amongst some of the competition would be Aeropostale as well as American Eagle Outfitters. The offshoot (Abercrombie Kids) successfully competes against Aeropostale’s P.S as well as American Eagle Outfitters 77kids.


Superdry is just as popular if not more popular than its Abercrombie counterpart. A lot of younger people believe the brand is a bit more underground than Abercrombie is, so this adds to the appeal. However, this might not last very long as more and more people begin to wear it. The clothes are made to cater to an urban crowd or those who like casual wear.

They do not have much of a physical presence in the United States as Abercrombie does, but there are a few stores. They are a British based international company. People who buy clothing from there will see that the clothes are so unique because they look very vintage and at the same time they have a Japanese twist to them that makes them stand out like no other clothing brand. The clothing brand is just as pricey as Abercrombie, but on the website you can usually find lots of deals and steals.

So which brand is better? If you want uniqueness with a Japanese twist than you will want to go with Superdry. If you like preppy combined with a little bit of an urban feel than you will want to go with Abercrombie. Both brands are known internationally and both brands are very recognizable and trendy.

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The Abercrombie & Fitch Icon: College Athletes as Male Models

Why would any otherwise normal all-American male college student agree to be photographed frolicking nude on a beach, wrestling with other college guys or simply modeling shirtless before an unforgiving camera lens? Why? It is to be the new icon of male modeling.

Every age has its icons. Whether it be the Gibson Girls at the turn of the last century or the Vargas Girls of the World War II generation or the Arrow Shirt Men of 1950s, pop culture history is documented by the images of beauty, perfection and sexuality of the day. And, while the Pin Ups of the past were reserved for the image of feminine beauty, today college guys are having their turn.

The Abercrombie Male Model is the new gold standard of male modeling. The Abercrombie Male has transcended the four corners of product marketing and become in itself an historic artifact recording pop culture of our day. Like the statues of the perfect male form found in the ruins of Greek and Roman temples, today’s Abercrombie model is tomorrow’s history in the making.

The appeal of the Abercrombie Model is rooted in its realness. That’s because Abercrombie Models are real guys culled from college campuses around the country. You know them, you’ve hung out with them, you’ve got so drunk with them on a Friday night that you swore off alcohol for a year – or at least until next Friday night. They are in your Fraternity, in your class and in your dorm room. Abercrombie modeling is, in fact, not for the professional male model although many an Abercrombie Model has gone on to earn unfathomable success as professional male models and actors.

A&F models are not always frat boys. They are often college athletes who live a fun “fraternity” life. With the exception of notable standouts who developed a fan base like The Carlson Twins, Abercrombie often uses male models only once, allowing campus guys to go on to expanded modeling careers. Review a sampling of any A&F Quarterly or current Abercrombie New Faces and you’ll see a strong showing among athletes. Jeremy Bloom was a champion skier and football player, Abe Taylor was a wrestler and ran cross country, Jeff Popovich was a football player, Kyle Maynard got noticed because he was a wrestler and born with a congenital disorder. Jeremy Black wrestled, Warren Kenzie was a swimmer, Brad Kroenig, was a soccer standout. Charlie Scheerer was an athlete at SMU, and Josh Yetzer was a standout high school wrestler.

So, a would-be Abercrombie model would be smart to let casting directors know of their athletic prowess as well as lack of inhibition when unclothed. Athletes have always been accustom to being nude in the locker room. It is a short step for production planners to translate that comfort in the locker room with comfortableness in front of the camera. Joseph Sayers certainly got his notice by being a wrestler who posed nude for a Playgirl casting submission. Abercrombie definitely pays more than Playgirl!

Abercrombie modeling is to become an Adjective. The term Abercrombie Model is an instantly recognizable description of the perfect All American College Jock. The Abercrombie Male Model is the look, the feel, the image of the physical appearance for which all will strive. Even Hollister, the new spin-off brand name is the new target for would be aspiring high school male models.

So, why would an otherwise normal college guy run on a beach naked and wrestle with other guys in front of a camera? The answer is simple. It is to be immortalized as the new American male icon – the Abercrombie Model.

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